My name is Yuechao Lu. I was born and brought up in shanghai. After getting a M.E in Vehicle Engineering at Tongji University in Shanghai, I came to Kobe, Japan. I worked as an electrical engineer for almost 4 years.

Right now, I'm pursuing a Ph.D in Computer Science at Osaka University.

My research interest is GPU parallel computing for computer graphics and data processing. Now, I'm working on a prjoect using GPUs to accelerate Randomized Linear Algebra.


Yuechao Lu, Fumihiko Ino and Kenichi Hagihara, Cache-aware GPU optimization for out-of-core cone beam CT reconstruction of high-resolution volumes. IEICE TRANS on Information and Systems, E99-D(12):3060-3071, Dec 2016 [pdf].


Yuechao Lu, Fumihiko Ino, Yasuyuki Matsushita and Kenichi Hagihara, RLAGPU: High-performance Out-of-core Randomized Singular Value Decomposition on GPU, GTC 2017 poster presentation, May 2017.[pdf][code].

Email: yc-lu@ist.osaka-u.ac.jp

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